About Us

Wilson's Promontory National Park
The beautiful Darby River, Wilson's Promontory, Vic: Photo by Zac Porter on Unsplash

The name Tackan is from the Gunai Kurnai people – the traditional custodians of the Gippsland region of Victoria.

In the local language, tackan means "to see.” This concept inspires every aspect of our business.

Our platform is about looking with fresh eyes, reconnecting with nature, and making ethical purchasing decisions that don’t harm the Earth. We connect everyday people with ethical businesses and sustainable products. We promote and inspire change through engaging information and valuable collaboration.

In the modern information age, people are saturated with data and confused by decisions on a daily basis. Too often, people forge ahead without knowing the real impact of these decisions. At Tackan, we help to bridge the gap through insight.

We can help you with energy consumption inside and outside the home, provide assistance with food and clothing purchases, and offer inspiration to help you live in harmony with the Earth. We know people want to make better decisions, and we strive to make this process as simple as possible.

We want to guide you, hand-in-hand, to help tackle the climate crisis together. With access to the right information, we can all make better purchasing and lifestyle decisions that respect the planet and inspire future generations.

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